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Freedom Headrest

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  • Revolutionary counter-balance mechanism provides perfect recline resistance for all users–automatically.
  • Synchronous armrests move up and down together and stay with you during recline for supported balance.
  • Independently adjustable seat, backrest and optional headrest fit virtually any body size.
  • Dynamic headrest cradles head and neck during recline and moves out of the way in upright positions.


  • Weight: 22.3kg (49.1 lbs.)
  • Width: 690mm (27.25”)
  • Base Width: 635mm (25”)
  • Warranty: Textiles & Cushions – Five years of single shift use; All other components – 15 years


  • Recycled Content: 28% post-consumer, 18% pre-consumer
  • Weighs as little as 22.3kg (49.1 lbs.), minimizing its carbon footprint in shipping
  • Made of only 90 parts—fewer parts makes it is easier to disassemble and recycle
  • Modular cushions for easy replacement