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Humanscale Monitor Arms - M2.1 with M/Connect2

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In today's fast-paced, agile work environment, there's no time for discomfort. M2.1, part of Humanscale's revolutionary new monitor arm line, instantly improves the comfort, health and productivity of any workspace. The M/Connect gives easy access to user ports and conceals IT ports to eliminate cable clutter.

Monitor Arm

  • Allows user to view their monitor(s) at an optimal position
  • Rubberized Cable Management makes it simple to run cords through a modular system for a clean, sleek and organised aesthetic
  • Built-in Counterbalance Indicator provides the ability to counterbalance the monitor weight before monitor installation to reduce expensive computer setup costs
  • Only one tool is required, and it’s neatly concealed inside the arm base


  • Provides power delivery to USB-C notebooks while backwards compatible to also support USB 3.0 notebooks
  • Compatibility with Thunderbolt notebooks makes M/Connect 2 a universal solution that is perfect during the transition from USB 3.0
  • Supports 4K video resolution for up to 2 monitors or 1 monitor at 5K
  • (7) USB ports for data and charging, including (2) 2.4A Type-A high-speed charging ports and (1) 3A Type-C high-speed charging port
  • The Type-C charging port and (1) Type-A high speed charging port are not connected to the computer to accommodate charging when security is an issue

M21 - M2.1 Monitor Arm

CM - Two-Piece Clamp Mount with Base

B - Black with Black Trim

B - Angled Link/Dynamic Link

T- Standard Monitor Tilt

B - Standard 100mm x 100mm, Black 

Height Adjustment Range: Up to 305 mm (12")

Weight Capacity:
Standard Single or Dual Monitors
2 - 7 kg (5-15.5 lbs.)

Finish as per photo

WARRANTY: 15 years warranty for monitor arm and 3 year warranty for M/connect2