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Humanscale Diffrient World Chair Naprest

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  • The Humanscale Nap Rest accessory offers unparalleled comfort and total ergonomic support for the head and neck on our award-winning World chair. Unlike traditional headrests that use complex adjustments, the Humanscale Nap Rest features a simple cradle-like support that only engages the user once they reach a 50% recline. An optional accessory for the Diffrient World chair, the Nap Rest’s form flows seamlessly with the chairs aesthetic. Designed with Niels Diffrients World chair aesthetic in mind, the Nap Rest’s front and side profiles flow as if it is an extension of the chair.



• Designed to provide ergonomic neck positioning and support • No manual adjustments needed • Available in various mesh pattern and colour options to compliment the World chair’s aesthetic

• Dimensions: 115 mm (13.3”) L x 340 mm (4.53”) W x 302 mm (11.89“) H • Weight: 0.9 kg (1.98 lbs.)


Warranty: 3 Years, Single Shift • Only sold separately